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Know Jesus, Grow With Jesus, & Go For Jesus

Crossing Kids exists to build strong spiritual foundations in a fun-loving environment. We understand one of the first building blocks to a relationship with Jesus Christ is trust. Our goal is to create an environment full of love and trust so your children are more open to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Crossing Kids Services

Crossing Kids is available from Birth to 5th grade at all campuses, every weekend. Check-In opens 20 minutes before service and closes 30 minutes after service begins.


Crossing Kids Birth through Pre-K ministers to babies and toddlers by meeting physical and emotional needs. We have fun learning about Jesus through Biblical lessons, worship, activities, play and snack! This is where the next generation begins learning about Jesus. Birth through Pre-K is designed to give you peace of mind and at the same time, help your children begin to learn the basic truths about God and His Word. We have the most loving group of background checked and trained servant leaders and staff to care for your children.


Crossing Kids Elementary ministers to children through biblical lessons, relationship building, and FUN! We believe John 16:33 is true. Children will experience trouble in their lives but our hope is that when the trouble comes, children will turn to Jesus through the truth we taught them. We desire to build biblical foundations in the lives of children and lead them in a growing relationship with Jesus!

Meet the Team

Diane Marasigan

Tampa Kids Director

Maria Beeson

SouthShore Kids Pastor

Danielle Recktenwald

Plant City Kids Director

What's Happening in Kids

Family Resources

This is our House

Family values are what we traditionally pass down based on our faith, morals, and principles in our house. We have them to keep us honest, and respectful, and guide how we treat each of our family members and others.


If your child is between the ages of 5 and 11 years old and would like to be baptized, please be sure to watch this video with them so they can fully understand Baptism and be ready for this demonstration of faith.

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Need to stay in the know? This group lets you stay in touch with our Family Pastor and leaders throughout the week and see what other resources are available.

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